IT brings massive benefits to modern business. However, good things deserve careful protection: your IT systems are constantly at risk from both external and internal threats. McKenzie Technical work with industry standard network security solutions, to deliver the right solution for your business, with the policies you need.

We can safeguard your business with:

Antivirus and Antispam protection

  • We defend your business from viruses and malware introduced via the internet or spam emails.

Firewall control and Unified Threat Management (UTM)

  • Firewalls are essential in protecting businesses’ ‘virtual borders’ (i.e. their internet, incoming and outgoing email, etc) against attack. UTM combines antivirus, firewall, application and device control in a single package. We can identify and install the safeguards your business needs from a range of top quality products including Barracuda Networks, WatchGuard, CheckPoint and SonicWall.
  • Secure Data Destruction – Onsite Data Destruction, Data Destruction & IT Asset Disposal are heavily regulated, complex areas, with many companies both large and small failing to comply with the abundance of legislation and regulations that govern the Secure Disposal of Redundant IT Equipment; failure to comply can result in significant fines and criminal prosecutions. As specialists in this area, our expertise affords our clients complete Peace of Mind, our processes are strict; as they need to be and we only follow methods approved to Military Standards. When it comes to your Businesses reputation, intellectual property or your clients information you cannot afford to take risks.

Internal Security

  • Sadly, businesses are often more at risk from the bad apple inside the organisation than from those outside it. Internal security should be a top priority for any business whose systems or computers are or can be shared. McKenzie Technical offers you advice and practical support on issues such as password policies and the protection of sensitive data such as salary information, HR files, client records and so on.

Network Security

  • With the rise in the use of social media for business use, simply blocking Facebook and Twitter for the whole organisation is no longer an option. Network security solutions need to work with the needs of your business, keeping the corporate network safe whilst also allowing the flexibility to the areas of the business that need it. Production staff may need to have their access to certain websites limited to certain times of the day, whilst marketing will more than likely need full time access to websites such as Facebook and Twitter. McKenzie Technical work with industry standard network security solutions, to deliver the right solution for your business, with the policies you need.

Web Filtering

  • In today’s business environment businesses rely on the Internet for access to information and resources. While instant access to information over the Internet is critical, it introduces substantial risks to the network and data.

Firewall Solutions

  • Businesses today rely on communications with the outside world; this includes email, internet and social networking to name a few. McKenzie Technical knows that it is imperative to allow the communications above but allow the business to control and have visibility of what is happening on the network.

Your IT security matters. We keep abreast of latest security risks and solutions and make sure you not only become secure but stay secure too. Look forward to a simpler, more secure system with McKenzie Technical Ltd